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When you join the Hummus Republic Family, you’ll never walk alone. Our Support Teams are always here to help.


Hummus Republic is a growing fast-casual modern Mediterranean food franchise specializing in healthier, faster, fresher, lighter and tastier customizable bowls, baguette and pitas. Our food is always made fresh and served quickly using organic, sustainable, and locally grown ingredients whenever possible.



Hummus Republic has revolutionized the fast-casual food industry by eliminating the conventional cooking equipment needed to conduct our food preparation. In fact, Hummus Republic consistently delivers the most vibrant, fresh, and quality Mediterranean food in the business without using grills, stoves, hoods, grease interceptors, or walk-in freezers. 


With years of hands on experience, our team has created a simple operation with one of the lowest initial investment costs in the business. Hummus Republic is the only brand in the Mediterranean QSR category who operates under an extremely scalable, simple, and successful system making the business easy and affordable to open and operate for entrepreneurs of all experience levels.



The Hummus Republic has carefully and proactively engineered our business model so that NO RESTAURANT EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED. Our simple and efficient fast-casual restaurant investment (starting as low as $125,000), has great unit economics making it ideal for any thriving location in North America highly accessible to at least 40,000 people.

Ideal North American candidates are hardworking, enjoy working with the public and have respect for themselves and others.  Cost-free pre-qualification and financing is available for those with a minimum of $75,000 in available capital for each restaurant they wish to develop.


We will work directly with you to effectively operate a highly efficient 450 to 1600 square foot restaurant.We have proactively equipped our organization and business model with premium franchisee profit-centric systems that are designed to vigilantly protect our most valuable assets… our franchisees. 

At Hummus Republic we realize LESS IS MORE and that smaller locations are a better fit for our business model. Smaller more efficient restaurants combined with our on-going franchisee profit-centric systems allows us to provide our franchisees with:

  • Minimized renovation and build out costs

  • Contemporary millennial focused interior design

  • Top quality ingredient procurement program

  • Effective brand marketing, social media and Public Relations

  • Lower all-in total initial investment

  • Low equipment cost and ongoing maintenance

  • Simple staffing and operational oversight

  • Low food cost, labor cost and real estate cost

  • And as a result… a more rapid return on investment

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The Hummus Republic leadership is prepared to share all of the knowledge, training and support necessary for you to exceed all of your expectations. Our support includes the following and more:


Our highly experienced real estate team will work with you to help you find the best location at the best price and assist with lease negotiation to assure your best location value.   


Our team will help you find a contractor, assist with permitting, interior design and visit your location to oversee the restaurant development process. 


We provide initial training approximately two weeks before you begin operations and offer additional training as necessary.


We will assist you in setting up accounts with our approved supplier network providing you with the ingredients needed for simple assembly of all of our menu items.


We’re with you every step of the way. We provide national marketing campaigns, social media and PR to create a buzz in your area. As a Hummus Republic franchisee, we work with you to assure your store has everything it needs to succeed.

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According to FreshBooks, 27 million Americans are expected to leave corporate America for self-employment by 2020. Another report reveals that 62% of Americans want to own a business.

 Forbes claims that there are signs that you are ready to be your own boss: Climbing the corporate ladder isn’t satisfying anymore, You don’t recognize yourself in your current role, Feeling suffocated, Your status quo is worse than the thought of real change, and the most significant… Your dream of working for yourself just won’t go away. If this describes you, Hummus Republic may have a real solution.

 If you are a people person and would like to join one of the most notable, healthy, fast-casual Mediterranean food franchises in recent memory.

We welcome your interest by completing the inquiry form .  We will be happy to address your initial questions and review available opportunities in your market.

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